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CF - Eris


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The “CF – Eris”.


Captain Onslow Turukka, pilot and all round nice guy, has flown for decades.  Attached to the capital ship, the CS/C – Ecliption, Onslow leads a squadron into battle the most fearsome of enemies.

The Design:

I created the Eris fighter many years ago in LDD and it wasn’t until using an instruction building program (blueprint) that I realized the design needed to be rebuilt.  The internal core of the MoC is now more modular and stable, without taking the overall look away from the craft.  I kept with the white design but incorporated the greys and blacks to resemble an “angel from above” look.  The wings are adjustable depending on the level of thrust the pilot wishes to have; narrowed for cruising and wide for close maneuvers.  The landing gear is fully retractable and hides nicely underneath the fighter.  Contains 490 bricks.

If you like the design please vote and show your support!  I also have a range of other MoC’s you can browse with more on the way.





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