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Lego Pac-Man 3D


What could be better than lego Pac-Man? Probably a lot of stuff, but that is not the point. This build includes 585 pieces and is built on top of a 16X32 base plate. The build is rather complex, using side-way building to sell the look of the Ghosts and the Pac-Man figure! 

Their are a total of five ghosts included. These ghosts are Clyde, Blinky, Pinky and two Inky's. Only one Pac-Man is included. The set features accessories, such as gold coins, power-up fruits, and even a stand to display the Ghosts or Pac-Man. It also happens to be modular, so that you could hook up other boards to create an even larger Pac-Man board.

I built this design in LDD, as all of my other models. This of course, is in the 3rd dimension, much like Pac-Man 256, a newer Pac-Man type game. This game is where I got the rather unique floor pattern. If you like this design please support and check out my other builds! Thanks!

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