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Myst Court


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The Trevor siblings leave their delightful home of Summer Villa, and move to their father’s recently acquired inheritance of Myst Court. Not only is Myst Court ancient, gloomy, and dilapidated (though that is bad enough), but also rumored to be haunted! Before they leave Summer Villa, however, their uncle, Captain Arrows, warns them that they should beware not of the haunted room at Myst Court, but rather of the haunted rooms of their hearts. Before they even arrive at their destination they all fail in their battle against the “ghosts” of their haunted rooms. Emmie in her fearful mistrust goes into a panic over a storm, an accident, and ghost stories; Bruce in his pride resents Captain Arrows’s advice; and Vibert in his selfishness dashes off with Emmie from the train station without waiting for Bruce. An intense mystery is built (with two amazing climaxes) around the struggles (or lack of struggles) to tear down the brickwork so the light can come into the heart’s haunted room.

The Haunted Room was written by A.L.O.E. and was originally published in the late 1800s; and was republished in 2014 by Lamplighter Publishing; a division of Lamplighter Ministries International. An audio drama was soon after made by Lamplighter Theatre and included the talents of actors from The Lord of the Rings, Downtown Abbey, and Star Wars. Now a Lego version of Myst Court has been made that has a “chance” to become an official Lego product!

This creation includes a Lego model of Myst Court, the pony chaise, and fifteen important characters from the book and audio drama.

Here is some information about the things seen in the pictures:
  1. This is a picture of the front of Myst Hall, some of the characters, and the pony chaise. More detailed pictures of the pony chaise will hopefully be added in an updated.
  2. This is a picture of the Trevors and Captain Arrows.
  3. This is a picture of Emmie’s attendant Susan Pearle, Hannah the grumpy cook, Joe the clumsy butler, Lizzie the Housekeeper, and an unnamed maid.
  4. This is a picture of the former servant Mrs. Jael Jessel, the frightening Haman Harper, two London police officers, and the dashing Colonel Standish.
  5. This picture is primarily of the front and the entryway, but a glimpse can be caught of the living room. It is hoped that time will be found at some future date to take photos of the living room and other rooms that are not sufficiently photographed and add them in an update.
  6. In this photo the living room can be seeing more fully; a sight of the kitchen is gained; and a small portion of one of the two studies and the dining room can be seen.
  7. This is a closer view of half the kitchen in which a seen between Hannah the grumpy cook and Joe the clumsy butler can be observed.
  8. This is a picture of Bruce and Mr. Trevor going over legal papers in one of the two studies.
  9. This is another picture of the kitchen and dining room.
  10. This is a picture of the upstairs of Myst Court. Emmie’s room and the haunted room are in the foreground, and the other bedrooms are in the background.
  11. This picture is of the other bedrooms.
  12. This is a closer-up picture of Emmie’s bedroom and the furniture.
  13. This picture is of the back of Myst Court, the stained-glass skylight, and the two chimneys. One of the chimneys is hollow all the way down.
  14. This picture is of the front of Myst Court.
  15. This picture is of the entryway, staircase, and stained-glass skylight.

The main roof, two study roofs, and the second story can be removed in this modular model.

Parts of this creation are detailed, while other parts are more simplistic for the purpose of using fewer pieces. The pony chaise, downstairs windows, fireplaces, chimney tops, staircase, furnishings of the haunted room, and Emmie’s oaken press are more detailed than most of the bedrooms, which (like in the book and audio drama) are scantily furnished. 

If you desire to learn more about Lamplighter Publishing, Lamplighter Theatre, The Haunted Room book, or The Haunted Room audio drama, click on the links below.