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H-11 Cosmos

If you thought this was another spaceship group in the Galactic Space Empire series of mine, you are totally right! This is another one to the series which is called the H-11 Cosmos. I managed to build this in 4 hours, and took a total of 2905 pieces. I made it look like the G-2 Headquarters but made it a different color which is light-blue gray and orange pieces. I had an idea about this spaceship for quite a while, so on this day, I decided to build it. I did not sketch it nor brainstorm about it. I just put one lego piece on the surface, then I started to make it larger and larger. And this is the result. The headquarter, and 2 smaller cargo and destroyer spaceships. 

Looking for more spaceships?, click on my profile and check out all of my spaceships so far!. They all have their unique designs and shapes to it!

I'm donutsmasher, I post weekly Spaceships!. This is all I have so far. See you in the next one!

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