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Lego Exo Force Green Paradise Fortress

Lego Exo Force Green Paradise Fortress

A fortress hidden deep inside a harsh jungle, what kind of mysteries does it hold, and why is it connected with Exo Force? This set is connected to the Exo Force theme, with its crazy mechs and anime and manga stylized artstyle. Its designed to be a playset with small buildings that are a part of a large base. Those buildings are:

-Mining station


-Defense Turret 

-Mech repair station

-Communication Tower

-Medical house
All of these buildings are connected to each other for more of a solid build, but you can customize their position for a more unique build. The entire build is made out of 1604 pieces!

There is also a ground type mech with a missile launcher, a ball with a chain, and a gimmick on the mechs back that allows both of its arms to spin by simply rotating the corb on the back that is also their power source, which is magma, shown as transparent neon orange bricks, that can be mined from the hole where the digging crane is located next to, as well as a transportation car used to carry the energy source to be used for their machines. There is also a patrol quad that can be stored underneath the armory on our right.

A its a mecha anime styled set, there is also a bad guys mech with few iron drones on their command, the mech has two spinning gimmicks, one can spin the flamethrower/ shield blade, and the other can spin to create an illusion of shooting deadly lazers! There is also a minidrone stored on the back of the evil mech that is shaped like a bug, and it can fly with its transparent neon green wings!

The set would also feature an over 20 page comic continuing where Deep Jungle Arc of Exo Force left of with also explaining the entire story of that theme for new people to not end up confused! The story would expand upon the Exo Force world as a post apocaliptic world where humanity had to hde themself away from nature because it evolved to the point fo trying to destroy them. And humanity didnt know how many survived, one of those remants of humanity being the ones from original Exo Force and the ones appearing in this set. The Story would also feature the robot combiners that appeared alongside the 2007 deep jungle sets like 8112 and 8117 with Mecha One (the leader of the evil robots controlling the 8117 combiner). This would be a finale for Exo Force, a conclusion to their story.

The set is targeted towards old fans but also is designed so the new fans would get a kick out of it as a its a stand alone set as well, similar to the set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay where inside of the box you'll get hints and links towards an already existing theme.

The reason I've built this set is not only because I wanted to finish Exo Force officialy and in a cool and unique way, but also because Exo Force inspired me to draw, without its use of anime/manga style I would never be able to draw like this, plus I grew up playing Deep Jungle flash game which I still enjoy to this day, and I hope many new people would enjoy building and playing this set as well I did, because the point of lego is to create something amazing!