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The Picnic In The Forest With A Waterfall.

The idea of this set is to show the beauty of nature and what a simple but interesting stay in nature can be. There are two heroes in the set - mother and daughter. They took bicycles, sandwiches and went on a picnic. On the way, they saw a very beautiful forest with a waterfall, flower meadow and animals - an owl and a badger. On the outskirts of the forest stood a wooden table with benches. Isn't that a great picnic spot? They took many beautiful photographs on the camera they took with them from home. Using a magnifying glass, they spotted a ladybug! And just enjoyed the beauty of nature! I believe that it will be a good Lego set, because it is a picturesque landscape that will decorate any shelf, and you can also play interesting scenes with minifigures (for example, which are presented in the description).

There are about 150 pieces and two minifigures.

Please support, if you want to bring it home!

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