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Lamborghini Aventador Coupé


I felt like the LEGO Speed Champions series was missing something, I'm not sure how you, workers at LEGO feel about suggestions for already existing themes but here it is! The mighty, Lamborghini, Aventador, Coupé!

This jet-like car with a hand-built V12 engine surely deserves to get it's own set. This LEGO model covers most of the curves already but stickers and printed pieces would of course finish it's look. It can just fit a minifigure equipped with a helmet and a technic steering wheel inside of it's coupé. The technic steering wheel can of course be switched out to a regular steering wheel depending on what you prefer. The two rear mirrors are made with mini cleavers and two standard bricks with holders.

I really do think the most iconic curves and details can be captured with this model and the right amount of stickers and printed pieces, if you do to, please support this project.

All the best, Martin.

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