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Ford Police Interceptor Utility


       Hello! This is my design for a police version of a Ford Explorer. It took me about 6 months to finalize this particular design. I have worked quite hard to achieve what I think is a accurate representation of the vehicle. This particular one is a unmarked version, it has lights mounted on the inside of the vehicle on the roof, and also has lights on the bumper. The only new piece this kit needs is a black version of the normal city car rim. I would also like to replace the blue windscreens with either trans black or clear, but do not have the parts currently. On the inside there is room for a interior, steering wheel, gauges, etc. there is also room for an engine in the hood which could be modified to hinge open. Although I haven't got around to it yet I am going to add some traffic cones and road blocks in the trunk. The only stickers the kit would need would be the Ford emblems.


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