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Pokemon - Charizard


LEGO and Pokémon seem to be a natural fit with each other.  This begs the question "What Pokémon should represent the series as a set?"  For me, there is no better Pokémon to have as a set than the iconic Charizard.  With this project, you can build everyone's favorite Dragon!

The model itself consists of 337 pieces.  It also features lots of joints allowing you to pose it in a wide array of positions as the pictures demonstrate.  This makes it a very fun model that you can display in any number of ways. 

If you'd like to help make this LEGO Charizard an official set, please feel free to help out in these ways and any others you can think of:

  • Use social media to let people know about the project.  For example, Facebook Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Online forums, and other sites are great ways to help gather support.
  • Tip sites about the project.  There are plenty of sites that might be interested in posting an article about the project, but they need to know about it first.  Tipping them is a great way to get more visibility and support for the project.
  • Tell people you know about the project!  Word of mouth is a simple way to get the word out about project.

Thanks for viewing and supporting the project!  Let's make this a reality!


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