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Sith Starfighter (Old Republic)

Strait out of the old republic, this sith starfighter is the ultimate order defence! Has a special tilted wing design and lightsaber storage for the two/three minifigures: Darth Revan, Darth Malak (picture coming soon), and another undecided minifigure! Please give me ideas for him/her on the comments part of this project page.

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The cockpit
Darth Revan or Malak can sit in it. it has a printed city helicopter piece (I'm pretty sure) that can pivot up and down. Also, in the part where the head rest is, there are two 1X4 flat tiles can be taken away to reveal a compartment big enough for two lightsabers.

The back
Not sure what the circular part is for, but, if opened, it can be used as a very makeshift cramped jail cell! This picture also shows the wing suspension connected to the circular part.

I know the body's not what it's supposed to be, but good enough, right?

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