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The Simpsons The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop with Station Wagon of Marge Simpson


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The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop with the Orange Station Wagon of Marge Simpson

The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop is a local comic book store in Springfield from the tv show The Simpsons. It is owned and run by the Comic Book Guy, Jeffrey Albertson. He sells comics, baseball cards, toys, figurines, vintage video games, etc...

The store appears in a lot of episodes of The Simpsons and it is very often frequented by the children of Springfield like Bart and Milhouse.

The idea was inspired by many episodes of The Simpsons in which the store appears like Brick like me, Radio Active Man, Worst episode ever, Married to the blob, etc. But also, of course, by the game Tapped out.

The set includes the famous car of Marge Simpson, her Orange Station Wagon. A 1973 Chevrolet Chevrelle Station Wagon.

The set includes also:

- The Comic Book Guy, Jeffrey Albertson

- Marge Simpson

- Maggie Simpson

- Nelson Muntz

- Kearney Zzyzwicz ( instead of/or Bart Simpson )

- Dolph Starbeam ( instead of/or Milhouse Van Houten )

- Jimbo Jones

I really would like to have got the Minifigs of the group of friends of Nelson Muntz in this set Idea if we can make it possible. I hope we share the same idea.

Into the store, i included some comics books from The Simpsons Lego series like Radio Active Man, Every Man, Biclops, Angry Dad, Itchy & Scratchy and others. I included also Batman comics, Spider-Man comics, etc...

There are also mini minifigs of Darth Vador, Captain America, etc... I propose to replace them by mini minifigs of Itchy, Scratchy, Radio Active Man, Krusty or others characters from the universe of The Simpsons.

The shop contains also Lego sets, baseball cards ( and baseball stuff ), vintage video games, toys in sealed box ( light saber, Iron Man mask, etc), the original Star Wars Trilogy in VHS, an Oscar, the doll Malibu Stacy, etc...

But you can propose all your suggestions of furnitures and toys to include in the store in your comments. You are very welcome. There are so many others possibilities like for example the Minifig from the comic book La Petite Mort ;), etc...

I think the fans of Lego and The Simpsons would be enjoy to get more sets for their minifigures.

So I propose differents sets to complete The Simpson House and the Kwik E Mart like this one and also:

- King Toot's Music Store :

- Moe's Tavern :

- Krusty Burger :

- Noiseland Arcade including the car Geo Metro of Ned Flanders :

- Springfield Elementary School including Springfield School Bus of Otto, the playgound, Willie's shack and Willie's tractor :

- Springfield Town Square with the Statue of Jebediah Springfield :

- Skip's Diner :

- House of Evil :

- Au Naturel Bakery :

and others...

Hope you to enjoy this Idea everyone!

Please add your support.


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