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Tractor with gears and trailer remote control rc

It is a RC motorized tractor 9v with 4-speed transmission and differential lock can be inserted. The front axle has a high inclination angle and allows large turning radii. The medium climbs anywhere thanks to its low range. Putting the transmission in neutral you can turn on the circular or the folding of the trailer. The axis of the trailer has the same characteristics as that of trattaro, then every rough terrain also allows the grip of each wheel, thanks also to the articulation of the hook both vertical and horizontal. Even the banks are folding in various ways. To gain access to the mechanical parts can lift the battery compartment lid. Everything has been designed with the purpose of having so many features in a small space! A jewel .... :-)

Please look at the incline front axle and steering extremely wide even with land inclined!
you see even the shift lever yellow and down near the rear wheel, the red lever of differential lock.
you can also observe and tilt steering angle that in this case 'of the trailer just accentuated. raise the floor with rc and sides open in a variety of ways that both rear caliper that down.

As you can see all things, gear motor, receiver etc. has hidden very well and the volume of the tractor is very limited in particular for the provision that offers. minor and 'the volume, more' complex and 'the design. left even the circular turning with a shaft through rc

Other vision.
thank you for the time that i have dedicated and i hope you want to play in the future, by voting, with this means very powerful and concentrate of technology

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