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If any of you saw my my last post on my latest GL project, I said that I was trying to keep the cycle of "random, HF, GL". And that I didn't have anything ready for the "random"'s turn. But, here it is. Sort of. Let me explain, it's as simple as these two vehicles you see are part of a larger set that I'm coming up with. I was going to originally wait until the whole thing was complete, but I figure this will work out better. So, here they are. Here we've got a small sports car and a Jeep-van crossover (honestly, I have no idea what it is). As for color, the sports car is black (you can see that), but the light grey pieces are actually chrome silver. The (I'm just going to call it a-) Jeep is a navy blue and all the dark grey pieces are the dark metallic color. Sports car has the dark trans windows and the Jeep the transparent. As far as other details are concerned (from the front view), there's grill design, but at this scale I could only afford to have the headlights, no front turn signals. Oh well. On the Jeep, I was able to give it windshield wipers and roof rack. Interestingly, neither of of the vehicles have actual real "seat" pieces. Which reminds me, next picture!

Rear view:
Just to show the end side of the vehicles. Here you can see that I was able to include rear turn signals, brake lights, and back-up lights. That's it for this. Oh, that and the Jeep has opening rear doors for putting groceries (or something of the like). Ok, now next picture!

Here's the interior of the sports car. The single roof piece is only connected by 8 studs, and considering where those studs are, I'd say that it counts as "easy detach". There is a steering wheal. It also has those opening door pieces, however, it doesn't work in a sense because the window parts cover the doors, so it wouldn't look like the door was opening because the window would still be in the way! But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

The roof for the Jeep (in theory) comes off in two sections. I say "in theory" because, I'm actually not so sure about how the roof's stability holds together, mainly because the larger section is only held together by two rod pieces, and that roof piece is the one that held in by the most studs. So I'm not completely sure on that, however, I will move on anyway. Like I said, there are no seats in either of the vehicles. I can't say that I'm happy with what I had to compromise with, but...I had to. There wasn't much other I could do, in fact, there WAS nothing. Also, the child in the "backseat" is standing up because as we know, the short legs can't rotate into a sitting position. Like the other, it does have a steering wheal. One thing I was happy with was how I was able to build the windows sideways. Here you can also see the back doors are open.

While I'm at it, these are the figures that will be in the Hillside Home along with the two vehicles. From left to right it's "Daughter", "Mom", and "Dad". For the record, these are my recommended prints...from LDD. If this becomes a set, then these are my preferred prints and colors respectively. Well, that's it from me until the next project, as always, thanks for viewing and please support!