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Gilligan's Island!


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Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip!

This Lego Gilligan's Island set includes several independent sections, and is based upon the original television series that aired from 1964 to 1967.

Sections include:
 - A small piece of jungle, including a tree for the characters to hide behind, as they often do in the show. On the tree sits Sam the parrot, who appeared in S1E27.
 - A small section of the beach, on which the wrecked S.S. Minnow lies, as it did in the show. the S.S. Minnow contains just over 150 parts, and is resting at an angle on the stand provided. There is also a small periscope in the water, in reference to S1E15.
 - A space for Gilligan to fish, includes a fishing rod and two fish!
 - The classic table and bench, made of palm leaves.
 - On the table, there is the radio that the castaways receive their news of the outside world from. The radio is accurate to the original prop and uses several printed 1 by 1 plates for detail. There is also a small campfire to cook food over.
 - The main build of the set is the hut, which is built in mainly green and dark green parts to depict the grass and bamboo construction that it is made of in the show. The hut has an accurately angled roof, as well as a palm tree off to the side with coconuts for the castaways to collect and eat. 
 - beside the hut are two boxes that can be filled with food and fish that Gilligan has caught. One box also includes several gold ingot pieces in reference to S1E9.
 - The hut is well detailed on the interior, with the classic two hammocks for Gilligan and the Skipper represented in lego form. There is a wooden door with a life preserver on it, and a small dresser made out of old planks. 
 - There is also a space for the professor to make his scientific concoctions with a suitcase stowed beneath it, and a large table that is the site of many arguments between the Skipper and professor. On the table, Gilligan's diary is present, in reference to S1E31. There is also a poster on the wall that is advertising the skipper's boat cruises.

Currently, this set contains a total of 607 pieces and includes 7 Minifigures with a multitude of accesories. 

The seven figures included are:
Gilligan - With hip-bag and fishing rod
Skipper - With binoculars
The Professor - With a vial of green liquid
Mrs. Howell - With fan piece and parasol made of hat piece
Mr. Howell - With printed money tile and "Teddy" bear
Mary-Ann - With lantern and pan
Ginger - With white dress piece and lipstick

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