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Monica's Apartment


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We've seen the Flatiron, the Guggenheim, the Empire State and more. Now let's visit the most well known apartment in New York: Monica's apartment from Friends! Bring to life one of the most loved sitcoms by recreating the most memorable scenes in Friends with this detailed set that even includes Monica's secret closet and the hiding spot for her Christmas presents.

This set includes the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, Rachel's room, Monica's room, the balcony and the secret closet. It comes with all six friends: Rachel, Monica, Pheobe, Joey, Chandler and Ross, plus Marcel the monkey. The bathroom and Rachel's room even detatch to allow for more playability. The bathroom also has two unfolding walls to easily access the interior, and the bench by the sloped window opens to store presents.

I have spent many (very entertaining) hours watching Friends and I thought what better than to combine my favourite sitcom with my favourite toy? I have tried to make this set as detailed as possible, I highly enjoyed making it and I really hope that you all enjoy building and playing with it.

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