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Small Town Delivery Truck



Trucking goods is a huge industry, accounting for around 70% of all transportation in the U.S. However, todays standard delivery trucks are very bland and are not the most appealing in my eyes. And when it comes to lego it is no different as I seek out the more unique, and different builds. Thus, sparking the idea of this small town delivery machine.

I wanted to capture the look of a rugged neighbourhood delivery truck, that meets our modern-day standards.


The model has a removable roof for easy access to the cabin which can hold two mini figures, as well as two small crates. The back can hold a 6x12 surface area of goods, equipped with side and back guard rails. Windshield wiper's, rear view mirrors, shovel storage, and crates with various items are all included in the overall design.

Comments and feedback is highly appreciated!

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