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Hot Rod Workshop


What is it?

I don’t have a story this time but I will tell you how I built it. I originally just built the hot rod, I started slow because I wanted to make the engine as realistic as possible. When I finished with the engine I started with the body, I ended up bringing some Lego Technic elements into the build. The roof is detachable and attachable. Next I built a mechanics drawer toolbox, I built it too big and had to start over, after that I built the mechanics cart, the tyre pump, the stand with the wheels and the car lift.

Why I built it?

There’s a guy in my town that fixes and sells vintage cars. When I came home from school, me and my dad rode past him and I saw that he was busy fixing an old car. It gave me the idea to build a vintage car and I later added the other stuff I built.

LEGO set?

I have not seen many Lego garage, mechanic or vintage car sets, the only ones I saw were the Lego City Service Station and the Lego City Garage.

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