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Catch the Wave (Surfer)


Surfs Up!

This model debuted publically at BrickFair VA 2014, although I had built it a few years prior. Of all the models that I have ever set for public display, this one turns the most heads and garners the most photographs.  I've been encouraged to put it up on LEGO Ideas. 

The smooth curve of the wave is achieved by a building technique called mixed cylinder curving.  The method involves alternating regular (usually 1x2) and round (1x1) plates or bricks, and it allows for a smooth curve not usually seen with LEGO.  Although part intensive, the plates in this model could potentially be replaced with regular-sized bricks, to lessen the piece count.

Perfect for the free spirit in all of us, this model could be yours through the help of you and your 10,000 closest friends.  Please support this project and please check out my other LEGO Ideas projects! Thanks!

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