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The Park


If you want a cool, inexpensive, lego park then you've just found one! This park has only 92 pieces and many of them are valuable or rare. There are 3 trees in this project. 2 of them are tall big trees, and one is a fruit tree. The park comes with a cool bench and a bike. There's also a long strip of sidewalk for bicycles. There is also a cool sandbox for the kids. The sandbox has two pails and a shovel. 

The yellow slide is the main attraction. Kids can climb up the stairs and go down the awesome slide. The park comes with 3 minifigures. 1 dad and 2 kids. I know this doesn't have to much detail but I couldn't think of what else to include. I welcome any ideas and will update this project if you guys give me an idea. Thank you so much for supporting and commenting on this project, and have a great day! 

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