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TK-103 Suborbital Police Interceptor


The future in planetary policing is here...

The TK-103 Suborbital Police Interceptor is a twin-chassis enforcement vehicle that has the most advanced technology for all your policing needs. The TK-103 is not only is it capable of high-altitude surveillance but also highly adept at low-level maneuverability, vertical take-offs and suborbital flight.

This advanced interceptor is equipped with basic sensor arrays and long-range scanners, as well as a high-intensity search light that can also be programmed to send an infrared pulsation that will jam any nearby electronics. Below the craft is the newest model of the C.D.U., the Civilian Dispersal Unit, an advanced concussion device that can be amplified to produce non-lethal but highly concussive sound waves for crowd control.

The TK-103's engine has been rebuilt to now include state-of-the-art thermothrusters, something never conceived for an enforcement vehicle of its class. The thruster heat is recycled through the lower booster to achieve supersonic speeds with little fuel use making the TK-103 one of the fastest twin-chassis craft ever designed.

Entrust your future with the TK-103 Suborbital Police Interceptor, it's where civilian enforcement meets planetary protection.