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Lost In Space Chariot, 1965 And 2018

The Idea
What I built is kind of an ATV from the show Lost In Space, the show was first released in 1965 but later remade in 2018. The Chariot is a way for a group of people to be transported along with gear and other stuff to explore the planet. I built it because I thought it would be a great way to kill time while in quarantine. I thought many people would enjoy this build. Both vehicles have interior for the Minifigure.

1965 Chariot
This Chariot is Gray with with treads. This vehicle can hold up to 6 passengers. On the roof it has a 4x4 glass dome along with a storage basket. On the inside it has 6 red chairs and a camera between the driver and front passenger

The 2018 Chariot is a more futuristic vehicle, This Chariot can hold up to 4 Minifigures

Piece count: about 660
Minifigures: 12