Exo-Force- A.C. Class: Invisible Threat

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If anyone who saw my last project read the description to the very end, the would of seen two little "hints" to my next two projects. Here's the first one! Yes, your eyes tell the truth! You are indeed looking at a exo-suit (and pilot) made entirely transparent/clear pieces! You could say that compared to the others, this one, and the next, are "special edition" projects. The body, most of the legs, and most of the arms are based off of something I built (in real life). And I figured that it would work nice as a project. Of course, that one wasn't made entirely of clear bricks and plates! Now, even if you are not in to exo-force, or the idea of robots and "humans" battling each other...you should still support this just because of all the clear pieces you'll get! In fact, you would be getting 294 clear pieces, to be exact. And it's not like you are just getting a few trans pieces of only one type of piece, here there is a huge variety of pieces that you will get. That, by the way, includes clear minifig parts! Who wouldn't want a clear minifig?

Do you see anything? I don't...wait, there it is! So, as some of you might of guessed, A.C. stands for Active Camo. If anywhere on this project you think you see blue-ish pieces, you do. Those represent the "sensors" that allow him to blend in with almost every background.

With all my previous Exo-force projects, the cockpits are designed to allow the pilot to "get out" from either the direct front, or from above. In this case, it's mainly from the sides that "you" get in. It's hard to see with LDD pictures, but there are panels that open up, allowing for the pilot to get out/in from either side. Of course the front windshield moves too, but that's more to just make it easier for the pilot to get in/out. Like I said, there are a lot of different pieces used in this project, and they all come in clear! I would personally want to get something like this just for all the MOCing opportunities it would provide. In this picture, the cockpit is actually open, in case you couldn't tell. And I realize that it makes sense if you can't, I mean, come on. The whole thing is clear!

So hear is more of a back/side view. The armament includes a "SMG", relatively to the size of the other weapons I've made for the other projects thus far. I really like how the sights and the barrel came out. It also has a shoulder mounted free-fire rocket launcher. It also has, as standard for the good guys, antenna and a small radar dish.

One quick thing, please note that I only used the LDD default backgrounds again because it's a clear project. I truly am trying to stay using white backgrounds, but then I end up making something hard to see in a white background. :(
Just because it's clear, I didn't just give a bunch of flat surfaces and things like that, I gave detail, which I think people should enjoy, just because it's awesome in clear/trans, but again because of the MOCing capabilities. So, that's about it for this one. I've run out of back-stories. Except this, remember me saying that all of the good guy's suits could change their type of camo? In that case, then, does that mean that all of the suits can become active camo? NOPE! Only this suit and others like it have the full active camo abilities. However, it does also have the normal capabilities that the others do, such as turning into desert camo, woodland, etc. I'll tell you something else. Remember the Golden One? What color was he? Remember what I said the second "special edition" suit was going to be? Are you picking up what I'm putting down? You should be! Write in the comments what you think the possible last exo-suit is going to be!