Product Idea |


  • We all have at home a Lego City box and why not expand a McDonald’s, the inhabitants of your city might come grab a bite for lunch or even come in the evening with family, or just take a dessert with friends! It is provided with many characters to zoom most of your cities.


  • Those very functional McDonalds have five tables which host at least 10 people! There is also the menu to see all the products available, it will give you hungry!


  • In the kitchen you will find the famous MacDonald drink machine with all your beverage preference and cooktops and ovens to prepare the famous fries, nuggets and burgers.
  • So you are inspired by my creation and you'll want to have you, to prepare good food for your people, it is simple, you just have to support my project by clicking on the blue button, thank you for your support and I sincerely hope that my project will be carried out, do not forget to review if you like