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Lego remote controlled AT-TE


Fight against the Droid army with this full detailed, motorized AT-TE!

Since I first saw the complete Star Wars Saga, I always wanted the Lego AT-TE set. I didn't buy Lego version's, so I built my own AT-TE. The model's greatest function is his walking skills. The AT-TE walks using two Lego Power Functions Medium motors, as well as a good mechanism, which involves gears, and makes it able to walk around, change directions and rotate itself in 360 degrees.

The set's details are simple, and it's about the  size of Lego's AT-TE

This set includes the following Lego Power Functions elements:

2 Medium motors

1 AA Battery Box

1 IR Receiver

1 IR-TX (the remote controller)

There is also a video here: 


I hope you will help this AT-TE destroy the droid army by reaching 10,000 supporters!

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