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The Wild Horse


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This LEGO project represents a huge model of a Wild Horse.

It takes 1100 bricks to complete this beautiful brown and white animal. It measures approximately 75 centimeters long and contains many rotating parts that allow to change the horse posture. Either to relax, sit, walk or run, this horse will be always ready for a new challenge.

This would be a great LEGO set because many children, teenagers and adults love horses. This animal was a great companion for many human quests and without this useful animal, I think that entire world evolution would not be the same. The current technologies make us forget how much this powerful beast helped us. This is a way for me to remind you.

Finally, many Lego sets are based on hi-technologies, cartoons, cars, cities, video games with trademark, but for me, it was important to have an idea touching people without all of these easy ressources, so it is why I choose the Wild Horse... So wild that it refuse to be liked for a trademark, so wild that it cannot be played with other Lego set because of its size.

Thank you for all supports.