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Elf Border Raid


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The future is bright...

The future is green...

The future is armoured...

And it sits on 2000 pounds of evil smelling tusked terror!

Uglugg is a mean old Orc... Veteran of both Dwarvern campaigns and survivor of the Elf border raids... And rumour has it that he has even faced down a Dread Knight in one on one combat!

A snarling brutish thug of a warrior - with enough strength to cause plenty of havoc when things are going his way on the battlefield and enough intelligence to retreat when things aren't...

Which makes Uglugg the perfect Orc to lead the most feared warband in the known world. Hand picking his lieutenants personally from the strongest tribes around, Ugglug's Armoured Orcs has plundered and scavenged more than enough heavy armour to last themselves a lifetime.

And if a fully armoured Orc war band is bad enough, mounting them on the wildest boars in the badlands is downright dangerous! These beasts of battle are ferociously fast, eternally angry and cruelly charge the enemy without mercy. It takes a really brave warrior to stand in the face of a sounder of charging boars. Or a really stupid one. Because of this, no greenskin force should want to fight without the services of Uglugg's Armoured Orcs... And no opposing force should want to face them. Not if they want to survive to fight another day that is.

For the first time ever, you can now recreate one of Ugglug's most famous encounters, the Elf Border Raids...

  • Mount Ugglug and one of his trusted lieutenants on war boars and explore the edge of the forbidden forest
  • Wheel out the elf ballista 'Eagle's Claw' and use the twin spring loaded shooters to force the orc raiders out of the forest
  • Use the secret door in the tree to make good the Elves' escape (and get more ammunition for the Eagle's Claw)



Following up from the Orc War Boar polybag I wanted to add some backstory and include a leader to the Orc War Boars... step forward Ugglug the Orc, Scourge of the Badlands! So far a lot of my submissions have been individual models or units for the battlefield, but I felt it was important to balance them out with submissions that included more than one faction or race, and to include more dynamism in my set design.

So facing the two war boars I have included a tree and a wood elf support unit (because I can't stray too far from anything that can be used on a battlefield). The tree was my first attempt at anything like that, and while it does the job, incorporating the hidden door makes it larger than I'd have hoped.

But what I like specifically about this set is the Eagle's Claw. I've had five ballistae for my wood elf army for a good year now, however it took some inspiration from my friend Wardancer to really confirm the look of the design. Once that was done I wondered how I could get a spring loaded shooter into the mix. And the easiest way to do it was to add two spring loaded shooters! Nicely hidden underneath the ballista, you'd miss them if you weren't looking carefully for them which is what I was hoping for. In that way, the Claw is still useful whether you are actively using the shooters or if you are just including it in a MOC or on the battlefield.


War Boar : 53 per boar (not including minifigures or weapons)

Eagle's Claw : 35 (not including minifigures or weapons)

Tree : 209 approx

Total : 350 approx (not including minifigures or weapons)


My IDEAS dream would be to see a whole line of Castle/Fantasy sets that will allow all ages of fans of LEGO and tabletop gaming to come together, in order to help everyone learn strategic thinking, teamwork and planning, basic arithmetic, tactical awareness and simple probability. Please support and share in order to help this dream become a reality!

You can follow the progress of all my projects in this range here: which will include siege weapons, mounted units, cavalry and all sorts of other fun stuff. And anything you don't see, feel free to request via

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