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Occupy Mars!


Welcome to Mars!

With an international united focus, Earthlings have finally become an interplanetary species!

This microscale model includes a vegetation biosphere that recycles waste and creates oxygen whilst providing a reminder of Earth’s greenery, residential biodomes, mineral autonomous miners, transport vehicles, heavy lifters and haulers, spacecraft, a rail and road system, and more.

The larger transport vehicles aren’t completely to scale, but I couldn’t do them justice making them any smaller.

If I had unlimited space I would obviously put the landing and launch platforms in an isolated more practical area, but have put them in the middle for aesthetic reasons.

I am also aware that the moon baseplate is no longer made, but just had to include it for nostalgic reasons.

We live in exciting times. I look forward to watching what happens with future Moon / Mars expeditions, and beyond, with great anticipation and enthusiasm!