Product Idea |

Fortress of Fire



Located in the dark magical forest, there is a fortress of fire. The fortress of fire has been around for thousands of years. It was built by an eccentric old sorcerer. As long as the fire in the fortress burns, the sorcerer will stay alive.  

As this sun’s beautiful rays shine brightly on this fortress, it powers the fire that protects the sorcerer. Each brick in the fortress stores the suns energy. It is utilized as a direct power source by the sorcerer. Each brick stores at least five years of energy. The sorcerer has to manage energy very carefully.

The sorcerer does not like anyone near his fortress.  Many people come by to steal the sorcerers treasure and energy. The sorcerer can turn these people into treasure. The sorcerer never sleeps, and is always waiting and watching. 

This set hopes to build on the idea that there is a big future in energy needs for a growing world. Energy and fuel are limited and we need to use these resources wisely. If the sorcerer can manage to protect his fuel and energy the fortress is sustainable. The fortress is a symbol for the earth and the sorcerer stands for the people utilizing energy and fuel to live.