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Clash of Clans: Loot Steal


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The set includes a Gold Storage, an Elixir Storage and a Gold Mine. If this is ever made into a LEGO set, I would really like the Elixir Storage to be changed, I just made a simpler version. Maybe even the Gold Mine has to be changed, I'm not sure.

Model Specifications (note that these can change if this idea is made into an actual set) :

169 Bricks (including minifigs) , 2 minifigs, 1 Gold Mine, 1 Elixir Storage and 1 Gold Storage. The Gold Storage has 70 bricks, the Elixir Storage has 17 bricks and the Gold Mine has 69 bricks.

The minifigs/troops are 1 Goblin and 1 Healer. The Goblin has a money sack and the Healer has a heal-beam.