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NES Lego


This is the first Nintendo console, but build in LEGO products!

Okay, what is this? It´s a Nintendo Entertainment System, the first Nintendo console. It was released in 1986, over 61.91 million units sold worldwide. I just made it in LEGO products. The controller was very hard to build, because of all the details and it´s a diffrent from what im use to build. 

The controller is biuld in 2D and 3D, because it´s such an old product, the details is very simple, but not very smoth. The controller is rectangular with 3D buttons, with cables that fits inside the console.  

This console and controller is mostly made by LEGO Star Wars and LEGO City. So, I could probably make a better version if I had the some more suitable LEGO products and I have only tried building this once. And I really liked it.

So you are probably thinking why I builded this. I did it because my friend inspired me to make it. He saw the NES and he told me, that the Classic Edition is coming. So i thought "Why not make it in LEGO products?". So i made it, and i want it to be a real set, because old school gamers, or LEGO fans/collectors probably are interested in building their own. Or other people for that matter, because who does not like LEGO products?

What do you think this will be, if it became a real Lego set? Probably a collectors item or a nice decoration for the living room. And i really hope this becomes a real Lego set because, I think people would like it, as a decoration, a toy and I would just love to build it again.

​If you liked what i made, then please feel free to support. It will help me alot.

Thanks for stopping by. :)