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Lost in Space Jupiter2


This idea I actually got from a netflix obsession when I was watching Lost In Space. By episode six I thought how the Jupiter 2 would look in lego form. I thought building a Jupiter 2 would be an interesting challenge. I picked this because of the smooth outer walls and the interesting bridge which looks as if it is stuffed more into the center of the craft than jutting out like some other sci-fi shows do. 

I started a sketch of how it should look but due to the vast insignificance of the quantity of pieces that woul resemble the Jupiter 2 I isnstead made a minature Model (sorry for those who want to be picky and complain about the size but I CANT DO THAT!)Building a Jupiter 2 would also mean it wouldn't be complete without a Chariot. While I was planning on how I would build that I searched up some techniques of how to make it easier. I was so relived when I finished my build because of the many hours I spent building it.    

Well That is my project, hope U luv It!!!