Product Idea

PS4 Lego

Product Description

This model features both a life-sized Lego PS4 console as well as a Lego Duelshock 4 controller. It also includes a Lego-sized PS4 console and controller, three minifigures, a tv, a couch and two tables.

Three busy minifigures: Stan, Mike and Bob, have just finished construction on a life-sized Lego PS4 console and controller, and are now relaxing. Mike stands exhausted and happily satisfied with his Lego Duelshock 4 controller, sweat pouring down his face. Stan lounges on the console looking quite pleased with his masterpiece, as Bob sits eagerly on the couch gaming away on his own Lego PS4.

Lego Piece Count: Approximately 700

This model would make an excellent Lego set, as Playstation is extremely popular and is loved by millions of people worldwide. Hence, many gamers and Lego fans alike would love to own this Lego model. So please support if you would love to see this awesome Lego model on a shelf near you.