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Ancient Egypt's Book of Hamunaptra

This is treasure! But I believe you need a key to open that book. This isn’t the book Amun-Ra. This is something else. It’s just a book. No harm every came from reading a book. Amun-Ra, Amun-Day. It speaks of the night and the day. No, you mustn’t read from the book!

I have three ideas for when you open the book. Either it is filled with Egyptian hieroglyphs, a micro scale Egypt, or a map of Hamunaptra. Please leave a comment which idea you like best!

Books are educational! Everyone loves learning about Ancient Egypt!

Imagine having a Lego bookcase filled with Lego books. You have the Harry Potter classroom books, this book, and any you can come up with!

Included is two mini figures archaeologists (a boy and a girl)! Fans of the Adventurers theme will love these new characters. Future egyptologists will be inspired!

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