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The Duke's Domain


The Duke's Domain

Alright ! First of, if you're reading this : thank you for your time ! :) I had alot of fun building this set because it brought to life something i've been wanting to do for a long time : extreme verstility ! I explain myself : every "parts" of this set (and there are many) are independant and clips on and off with ease + not necessarily in only one given place ! I also made all  the floors "slick" and added over 50 pieces of furnitures / accessories that are to be arranged and personalised anywhere, anytime or however it pleases you.

I should mention that what really started the whole project was the idea of a Medieval theme set that DID NOT feature WARFARE. There is more to come and i really hope it pleases all of you !. 

I beg of your support and/or comments !! Thank you everyone.