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(M.O.P.S.) Mobile Oppression Palace Supreme!


the curse...has won...(final update)

looks like this casle won't be moving about anytime soon...

i still have one last original idea for you... don't let that fall too...


the castle crumbles on its final hours.

once again, you guys disappoint me...i got one more supporter before we reached the expiration date. next thing you know, the whole thing's expired before it could come alive...before it could take off...looks like my sentiment from chrono rescue remains the same, just with eight more people involved in its demise.

this is the second time it happened! i got one more original project for you guys going on as of now. it'll be your last chance to redeem yourself after this and chrono rescue. 

at .18%, this has fallen with chrono rescue and became a failure...


The final five days!

Only five days remain! This is your last chance to prove your worth! Though, if this fails... I have a side project that's going on...


dragonator rising! -the curse incarnate-

we're down to ten days, merely a sixth of the time it started with, and we remain at 17 supporters... i fear this could go down the same way chrono rescue how about we retry the whole dragon thing here?

unlike the seige weapons, the hydragonator dragons are their own league. no parts to switch sides on, no browns of any sort, none of that. they're here to take on the living palace and reduce it to rubble. (maybe that's why the siege weapons had swappable parts?) also, if this wasn't terrorizing enough, the dragon took a page off of hydras and are able to combine together.

making them a bigger, stronger, more power and dangerous threat to the palace than they were apart. this could destroy the whole project completely if it expires, so let's not waste any more time! gather support.


quarter til doom!

we're down to a quarter of the time left on the clock, and we got one more supporter. usually having more supporters than time means an idea's doing good, but when the numbers are THIS low, that's not good. i got one last thing for this castle to tackle in five days, and it's not any seige weapon.


shall we bring the sting?

only a third of the time left, and we're still at .16%! this will be the last siege weapon i'll give you. we need more support to get this living monestary moving!

i went with an animalistic shape this time with mandables you can switch in different colors and an adjustable cannon to fire a meaty shot at the castle.


a curse and a confession

25 days remain, any we're starting to suffer another drought...i thought we were making progress here. i don't want this to die the same way chrono rescue did.

also, a supporter by the name of  "legolover2000" suggested that i should use a system called to help with projects. and while i can find similarities to this and LDD,

first up is how you place bricks. in LDD, you select one brick from the gallery to the left, and you immediately have one brick to set down. in however, you do the same process when selecting a brick, but instead of placing one brick of that choice down, you still have that brick selected which could accidentally give you more than what you need.

second is the brick coloring, both have their selections colored red, but the extended LDD makes changing the colors easy. just click the bucket, select the color you want, and apply it to any brick.'s process is a bit more convoluted. if a piece you want isn't the right color, you either change the gallery color and grab the brick again. or change one of the colors in the pallet.

with that said though, I'll give a chance to retry the chrono rescue project eventually. for now, I'll stick with LDD for any projects and contests.

Edit: After two to three years, i had a feeling this Update would age like Milk.


onward my horseman!

this might be a bad time to post an update given the day it falls under...but this project now has one more supporter helping it's good, but the curse of time will still sweep it under the rug if we don't gather any more how about some horsepower?

rather than going for swappable banners this time, i used horns on the top of the of the horses' armor.


extra support gathered.

after a fifteen day dry streak, two more people have pushed back the curse and pledged their support. this helps the project by .02%

thanks for your support, but this won't go anywhere if you don't share this.


a little fort of our own.

a third of the time is gone...and we are still at 13 supporters...remember when i said you were improving, i don't think you are anymore. maybe this should help.

it's a little wooden fort (they count as siege weapons i checked) with a secret hidden inside. open the door in the front, and reveal a stud shooter!

then you can aim and fire the studs with incredible aim. like the rest of the builds, it comes with banners so you can switch the kingdom it's fighting for!

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