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Christmas Parade


About This Project:

This project idea is of a Christmas parade to display on it's own or making it's way through your Lego city. The parade consists of four floats and Santa being pulled in his sleigh by a reindeer decorated ATV. The first float is sponsored by the Arctic Explorers club for exploration and preservation of the arctic and it's wildlife. The scene on the floats consists of the driver, an explorer and his dog having an accident on the float, one ice skater is stuck in the snow bank, the other skater is coming over to help his friend, an igloo with a roof that opens and closes, a snowman, and an explorer beside a outdoor Christmas tree throwing a snowball at his friend. The second float is sponsored by the Police for wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays. The scene on the float consists of the driver at the front with a snowman on each side. A giant candy cane is in the middle of the float rising out of a snow bank with a snowman on it. On each side of the candy canes base is a police officer waving to the crowd. The third float is of the North Pole near Santa's house. The scene on the float is of the driver in the front with a Christmas Tree on one side and a giant red stocking on the other side. In the middle of the float is the largest Christmas tree with some presents that are already finished underneath. On the end of the float is another Christmas Tree and Santa's mailbox that the elves are always emptying to make sure that they can get everyone's gifts ready in time. There is also an elf on each side of the float waving to the crowd. The fourth float is a small section of Santa's workshop with some elves working on various gifts for young girls and boys. At the front of the float is the driver on one side and a table full of paints and a brush. In the center running the length of the float is a long table for the elves to work at. On one end of the table is a vise. There is workbench on one end of the float and on the other end there is a Christmas tree with a few finish gifts and a stocking underneath it. Last but not least is Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus being pulled in his sleigh by an ATV that is decorated to look kinda like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. In the sleigh is Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a bunch of presents. There is enough space on the ATV for two minifigures. One can even stand and wave to the crowd. The three snow covered floats all have a wreath on the front.

Play Features:

  • All four floats can move easily just like a real float can.
  • Santa's sleigh and the ATV move easily too.
  • The igloo's roof can open and close.


  • Everything that is in the pictures is included.

Every year at Christmas since I have had a child we have done Lego advent calendars together and have added to our Christmas Lego display whether it be big or small. This year I really love the train that Lego came out with and I was inspired by that set to make this idea a Christmas parade. Every year me and my family go to the local Christmas parade and it's always fun. If you like this project idea please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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