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Greek Island Vacation


Take a well deserved break from the busy Lego City life and fly over to Greece and one of its beautiful islands.

Stroll down the seafront, take a picture of the colorful fishing boat, grab a Greek salad for lunch at the Restaurant Turquoise and head to the beach.

The fisherman lives with his Yaya who sits under the lemon tree in the backyard when she's not buzzing around in the kitchen. The fisherman himself likes to sit on the rooftop terrace and look at the blue sea. 

The set includes a classic Greek fishing boat, the fisherman's home, the Restaurant Turquoise with two workers, an outside water tap, the fisherman and his Yaya (grandmother) and a tourist family including mother, father and their son.

It's easy to expand the set with your own classical Greek white houses and chapels.

I tried to keep the roundness/softness of the Greek houses and especially with the fisherman's house an organic feel – the stairs are odd and nothing is symmetrical. NOTE! Parden my rendering french, I'm a first-timer when it comes to any kind of 3D software.

Hope you like it and give it your well appreciated vote!

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