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Medieval Home


 This project is my version of a medieval house. I tried to keep it simple, to make it seem like they're just like any other family. The father, Ronin (inside the house) is a blacksmith, with some degree of woodworking skills, and he displays some of this work on the roof. 

               The younger son, Aoran (with the brown outfit) is only fifteen, so he doesn't have a profession. He works with his father sometimes, but his main job is to hunt for food so that his family can put aside the money they would've spent on food. 

               They send this money to the elder son, Kanor (in the red shirt) who is going off to school to become a military officer. He has just come back for a visit, and he and Aoran are heading on a hunting trip to spend some time together before Kanor has to go back to school.   

               Ronin's sister, Mara (also inside) has come over with Kanor. She lives near where he is going to school, and she hadn't visited before because the roads are quite dangerous. Now that she doesn't have to go alone, she has decided to stay for a while. She doesn't have a family of her own, and Ronin's wife died a few years ago, and Mara wants to help raise Aoran.

               I hope you like the story I've added to this set and it would be really awesome if I could get at least 100 supports, and then we'll go from there. 


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