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Modular Hardware Store


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Servicing your Lego town's home improvement needs, this Modular Hardware Store fits perfectly into a shopping or market setting! It contains approximately 2,505 bricks, according to the LDD (Lego Digital Designer), and neatly fits onto a 16 x 40 base plate group, meaning that it can link to other 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 modular sets. In the following portion, a list of features per section will reveal to you all of the wonders of this project...

      Frontal Exterior

~A Street Lamp~Intricate Tile Patterns~Two Awards~Some Tools To Represent The Purpose Of The Shop~More Wall And Pillar Designs~A Tractor With An Accompanying Mannequin~

      Ground Story / 1st Floor {Tools + Equipment}

~A Painting~A News Report On The Town's Finances~Tool Racks~Price Tags~Wall Patterns~A Car Jack~Oxygen Tanks~Termite/Bug Poison~Oil~Shafted & Non-Shafted Pumps~A Megaphone~A Broom~A Blue Ribbon Award~Two Newspaper Articles~A Hook~A Mallet~A Sharp Saw Blade~A Handsaw~Various Axes~A Pickaxe~A Cutting Knife~A Machete~A Crowbar~Certain Hammers~A Screwdriver~A Nail-gun~Fertilizer~Handles~Wire/Rope~A Paint Roller~Nozzles~Wrenches~A Verification And Business Certificate~More Floor Patterns~A Cash Register~ A Bucket~ A Jackhammer~A Magnifying Glass~Three Glass Doors~A Toolbox~

      Overhanging Stairs

~Railings~Tiled Steps~Multiple Pathways For Optimal Movement Of Customers~

      Top Story / 2nd Floor {Greenhouse + Garden}

~See-Through Walls~Glass Walls~A Bean Plant~A Carrot Plant~Seaweed~A Cactus~Pond Decorations (Stone, Plastic, And Metal Fishes / Frogs, ect.)~A Tiled & Patterned Floor~Mini-Figure Support Platforms~Many Fence Types~Price Tags~Pond Stones

      [See Mini-figure Photos For More Details And Information]

In sum, I believe that this project / idea would make an excellent Lego set due to its attention to detail, accuracy, and color contrast between the exterior and the interior. If I were given the opportunity to modify and improve my project / idea, I would likely fix some spacial errors and room sizings (meaning that it may be a bit too compact), and improve some of the steps to decrease the brick count and make construction easier! Thank you very much for taking the time to read my long synopsis! Support, comments, follows, and views are greatly appreciated, and enable me to continue updating this project / idea!

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