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Ford 3000 Tractor


This is a model of the 1966 Ford 3000 light farming tractor.  It has a three cylinder motor driving one of  the rear tires, functional gear-box-driven steering, and 3 point hitch that supports a grader blade.

I built this tractor after looking through photo albums of the tractor I grew up with, and got nostalgic about driving it with my dad.  I remembered when we sold it to by a larger more capable tractor, and initially thought it might be nice to buy one and fix it up. Unfortunately money, time and garage space made a fixer-upper project a challenge.  I got thinking about the steering mechanism on the old tractor which used a differential gear box and drag link steering and thought, "We should at least have the right kinds of Lego pieces for the steering."   Since we do have a large collection of Lego, about half of which are from the 1970's,  I sat down with my son and started building.  My son built the grader blade himself. 

I think it would be be a great Lego set because it mixes Lego Technic with regular blocks and is the right size to pull other farm equipment pieces when played with.   In the future I will add a full rear differential, and an additional drive shaft or power-take-off or "PTO" out the back which would drive other implements.

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