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City Heroes: Couriers

The LEGO universe is a big world where there is a place for everything significant. Look around you: wherever you are, most likely you will see a courier rushing to deliver food. Today it is difficult to imagine the streets of any major city in each country in the world without couriers. In recent years, they have become not only indispensable helpers of people, but also one of the main pandemic symbols. 

Rain? Snow? Blazing sun? The courier will deliver the order. This LEGO project is designed to celebrate all of the hard working people that help us everyday. 

The set scenes a typical Russian panel building (plattenbau). Such constructions are made of large, prefabricated concrete slabs. In Russia it is called “hrushevka” and it is really popular, so it was important to think through all the details to make it look familiar to any Russian. Although the set is very authentic, the couriers can be part of any LEGO city sets, which will highlight their role in the pandemic and raise their social status.

Сouriers help out an elderly couple who live in the house and find it difficult to carry heavy bags from the supermarket. They also deliver pizza to the game lover with a broken leg, who doesn’t want to tear away from the monitor of a computer. Couriers’ minifigures are detailed: the characters have bags and phones, and they work in masks, which emphasizes the role of couriers in the fight against coronavirus.

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