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1001 Alhambra Nights Modular Diorama

Dear LEGO-Fans, dear Cuusoo-Community,

this set is inspired by the "Court of the Lions" at Alhambra Palace, Grenada, Spain.

Please feel free to compare:

However, in this project it is also the place where Scheherazade (the vizier's daughter) tells her 1001 tales to king Shahryar (whose minifigures you can see in the set).

This set is meant to be the middle and main part of a three-part-diorama.
In a similar way some of the tales of 1001 Nights could be displayed to create a proper theme.

Please also have a look at my other project:

Second part of the diorama. The minifigures of that part (Vizier Jafar - Sheherazade's father and Dunyazad - her sister) will follow shortly.

The third part of the diorama turned out to be a mosaic.

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