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Time for power up! Welome to the brand new performance garage, a place where you can turn your ride into a strong beauty!

As for set, it contains of: workshop, 11 muscle cars (including 2 special chrome "widebodies"), 4 lowriders, 5 hot-rods, 1 limousine (also can be classified as 5th lowrider) and 2 big rigs. Full model comes in 2750 pieces.

The workshop modules have some functions: a smaller module has an adjustable car forklift which can be adjusted by pulling an arm from behind and by aligning racks beneath it; a main module or as i personally call it "Slammernado" besides having openable and frictional gates is equipped with 2 string slammers for you to do some drag racing .

As for cars: the chromed widebodies are supposed to be prototype cars for touring races; the purple lowrider has an adjustable suspension (well, not that much but still this thing stands out, so i think it worth) to immitate hydraulics; the 5th yellow hot-rod based on trucks from 1930-1940's has a 5x6 base instead of regular 4x4, which allowed me to put that big engine; a workshop themed hoodless truck can carry 2 cars (or 1 big like on an image).

The main idea of this set is to have a bunch of different rides to make a fine addition to owners collection while to having not only pretty looking but also properly working background.

I hope you liked this set, if that so - hit the supporter button!

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