Ewok Micro Village

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Hello again to the lego community!

This is my second project and follows on with a micro scale theme. As you can see this is a scaled down micro version of the 'Ewok village' recently launched by lego.

It was created as a way of offering parents a low cost opportunity to buy what is no doubt a much sought after lego set. It also follows the success of lego in miniturising themes by taking it even further. If a mini Ewok is cool a micro Ewok must be cooler right?

I have endevoured to keep the brick count low, while still retaining the main playable elements of the it's bigger brother. More on this can be seen below.

Some of the detail has been lost in translation but i will attempt to improve it as and when time allows. I would also loved to have included some printing for the micro figures.

As always Cuusoo fans I would love any comments or feedback on this or any other of my projects! Thanks and good luck!

The above shot shows the rear of the set and the main playable features, including a hidden compartment for ambush and a rotating spike to bring that speeder bike to a stop!
This also show a pivot to simulate the floating chair.

Above is a view of the the platforms and shows the stormtroopers as well as the Han Solo spit,Leia's balcony and connecting bridge that may be dissconnected and rotates.

The stand alone treehouse features a catapult. I decided to move this for space reasons from the main treehouse and with brick count in mind decided not to include the stand alone catapult of the larger set. This is fully workable and spare ammo is found at the base of the tree.