Product Idea

Bone Napper(Flying T-Rex)

I was inspired by a movie for this one, I want others to have fun with a good challenge and lots of LEGO pieces.
A Flying T-Rex!
Someone inspired Dr.Ping to try another made dinosaur, he has combined two types of dinosaurs and!The other two are not to be named, but why? What is he hiding? Are you curious? All I know is that it seems to have Pterodactyl in its DNA cause it can fly, I've seen it;so huge as it glides in the sky.
Dr.Ping laughs whenever someone is trying to guess the DNA, but has never mentioned once what dinosaurs he used, can you guess? What makes this one special? Is Dr.Wu training it? Is it his pet? 
Maybe it's Pterodactyl,cat,and T-Rex...maybe not.