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Mini Mission to Mars


This is a mini mission to mars.  It includes two parts, the launchpad on earth and mars. Earth includes a crowd of people, a space shuttle, the command center, and the launchpad.  Mars includes an astronaut, a rover, two aliens, scattered rocks and a secret treasure (a green gem) hidden within the small mountain.  It is quick and easy to build and it only contains 50 pieces, 31 on earth and 19 on mars.  I hope you like this build.

I got the inspiration to build this from my love of space and the planets.  While I was growing up I always had a big interest in different space crafts and all of the planets, especially mars.  I think this would be a good lego set because it is a good collectible for adults and it is fun to play with for young children.  This is targeted towards people of all ages and to both men ad women.  Therefore it should be a good seller on the sheves and a great set to get for you or a loved one.