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Sliding Puzzle Tower

Sliding puzzle is a puzzle that solved by sliding a tile to a certain position in order to obtain a certain solved state. It was, and still popular among both puzzle enthusiast and average people alike, due to difficulty level that's not too high but still able to give fun experience when solving it. Now, what if the concept of sliding puzzle with lego are combined? It will became an interesting product that provide both creativity challenge and problem solving challenge.

EDIT (2013.01.17): I changed the mechanism a little, because the previous mechanism won't allow some of the tile to move to another segment.

Further information about Sliding Puzzle Tower can be found here:

In this puzzle, you have to rotate 1 or more of the 2 segments and slide the tiles up or down to the empty slot until every row shows only one color.

This Sliding Puzzle Tower consist of 2 segments that can be rotated independently. This puzzle have 6 row of tiles with 6 different colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). The segments also has colours, wich means every row of colour has a specific place.The lower segment contain 18 tiles that consist of 6 row. The upper segment contain 3 tiles and consist of 6 rows, in which 3 rows are left empty to give an empty slot to move the tiles. This gives you a total of 21 tiles that's need to be rearranged to solve it.

Here is some more closer look for the parts.
(From left to right) The lower segment, the upper segment and one of the tile:

The segments combined with tiles:

Well, this is my idea, which i think would be fun and interesting, if Sliding Puzzle combined with LEGO. If you agree with this idea, please give your support.

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