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Mystery Shack "Gravity Falls"


Hello Everybody!

I am incredibly glad to represent you the model of LEGO "Mystery Shack" - the biggest one ever created! This building is the main location of "Gravity Falls" - a popular cartoon created by Alex Hirsh. 

So, this set contains the Mystery Shack itself, the totem pole and the golf cart. The Shack is a 3-floored building with the roof, that can be removed. What is more, the floors can be easily separated from each other.

I.   Well, the first floor contains the museum, the gift shop, the living room and the kitchen. The second floor contains Grunkle Stan's room, the bathroom and Grunkle Ford's room. The 3rd floor is the attic (the room where Mabel & Dipper live).

II. Minifigures. Mystery Shack contains 11 minifigures: Gruncle Stan (2 minifigures - Stan in his suit and in his home clothes), Gruncle Ford, Dipper Pines (Dipper has his own hair, but he can also wear a cap) & Mabel Pines, Wendy, Soos, Robby, 2 tourists, 2 gnomes (Jeff & Shmebulock). 

III. Other stuff. As I have alredy mentioned, the set contains the totem pole and the golf cart. The territory aroud the Shack also includes some signs and the famous stone in the shape of the head. The figures of Waddles and Gompers are also included.

The model contains 3672 bricks.

It is incredibly detalised. I promise, you will really enjoy constructing the shack and playing with it.

So, please, support my project!




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