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Luxury Canal Boat (With Working Safe)


Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome aboard this Luxurious Canal Boat, which has all the right features to make  your journey most comfortable!


1) Store your valuables in the working 'keycard' operated safe which is built into the barge. 

2) The secret 'keycard' is hidden inside a book to keep it hidden from prying eyes as without it the safe cannot be opened.

3) The crane can lift heavy loads onto the barge.

3) The bunk beds have a removal drawer to store small items.

4) Includes a luxury bathroom with a portable toilet that can be stowed away in the bathroom cabinet.

5) Sliding bathroom doors.

6) Lots of storage cabinets and wardrobes for storing equipment and gear.

7) The folding beach chair lets you enjoy sunny days in the most refreshing manner. 

8) Compact kitchen with cookware and accessories.

9) Hinge-open upper deck    

Other features:

This boat measures roughly about 20x6.5x6.5 inches and has around 950 parts.  


4 minifigs, including an aspiring artist who appears to be on board with her artist's easel and her best friends.

Thanks for looking and please support my project!!

Happy sailing!

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