Product Idea

Beamer Stands

Beamers are a unique way for your phones,controllers and Ipad stands can be fun not hard to put together I came up with this Idea that lots of people have spare parts of lego and so I wanted to show that Beamers could Interlink and show what can be done. 

I have done a bigger stand to show they can be made Into different sizes easy to build. These do not move They work by putting a mini remote control fan as you can see in picture and hold Ipads, Iphones. It gives you the freedom to navigate instead of holding a book or bigger phones and bigger Ipads. Some people can get tired of holding there phone and Ipad. Would love to make a travel one which is foldable that can be used on planes,trains and buses.  They have been used In our home. This one also look similar to a sun bed if you like. Please feel free to comment be happy for feedback.